APT Preparatory Group for ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2022 (APT PP-22)

APT Preparatory Group for ITU Plenipotentiary Conferences (APT-PP) is to assist the APT Members to prepare for the ITU Plenipotentiary Conferences (ITU PPs) in coordinating issues of regional interest and preparing coordinated regional contributions to the Conference. Over the years, APT-PP is developing APT Common Proposals to ITU PPs considering the interest of the Members.

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2022 (PP-22) will be held from 26 September to 14 October 2022 in Bucharest, Romania. APT's preparatory activities for PP-22 was initiated on 1 July 2021 through 1st Meeting of the APT Preparatory Group for PP-22 held virtually.


  •  To assist APT Members to prepare for the ITU PPs in coordinating issues of regional interest and the submission of regional contributions to the Conference.
  •  To develop proposals from APT Members that considers the interest of the Asia-Pacific region as inputs for PPs.
  • To assist APT Members during the PPs. 

Terms of References:

  • To hold meetings during a preparatory cycle of PP.
  • To establish necessary Working Methods including Documents Approval Procedure and Structures of the Group in line with the APT practices and for the effective delivery of the objectives of the Group. The Working Methods of the Group are to be approved by the Management Committee of the APT
  • To identify and study issues associated with the agenda of the PP, taking into account, where appropriate, the developments on the decisions of the previous PPs and relevant decisions of the ITU Council.
  • To develop Preliminary APT Common Proposals (PACPs) and any other appropriate documents on the agenda items of the PP, in accordance with APT’s Document Framework
  • To develop APT Positions as may be required on issues for consideration at the PP and on proposals from other regions to the PP.
  • To represent APT in other regions’ preparatory meetings.
  • To review the preparatory work of other regions and to undertake coordination with those regions if deemed necessary.
  • To arrange coordination meetings during the PP for the APT Members attending the PP and provide collaborative support and guidance for the APT Common Proposals presented at the PP.
  • To report the activities and the progress of the work of the Group to the Management Committee on an annual basis as appropriate. 

Structure and Office Bearers:
APT PP-22 consists of a Chair, three Vice-chairs and three Working Groups (WGs) who are responsible for the preparation on the issues related to PP. A number of issues are assigned to each WG. Structure of this Prepparatory Group for PP-22 was established at the 1st Meeting of the APT Preparatory Group for PP-22 in 1 July 2021 held virually. The WGs and office bearers are listed below in the table.

Chair: Ms. Caroline Greenway (Papua New Guinea)
Vice-Chairs: Mr. Tang Zicai (People's Republic of China)
Mr. Alireza Darvishi (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Ms. Eum Jihyun (Republic of Korea)


Working Groups Chair Vice-Chairs
WG1: Policy and Legal Matters
Ms. Mina Seonmin Jun (Repubic of Korea) Mrs. Aulia Astagina Ramadhani(Indonesia)
Mr. Yasunari Ueno (Japan)
WG2: Administration and Management
Mr. Yoshiaki Nagaya (Japan)

Ms. Clare Spring (Australia)
Mr. Zhang Chunfei (People/s Republic of China)

WG3: Public Policy and General Matters
Mr. William Lee Kwong Hwa (Malaysia) Ms. Thasawan Samorwong (Thailand)


Relevant Outcomes of the Meetings:

Final Preliminary APT Common Proposals for PP-22

Preliminary APT Common Proposals approved at APT PP22-2 and APT PP22-3

APT Coordination Activities during PP-22

Documents and Circulars:

APT Secretariat 
Phone: +66 2 573 0044 
Email: aptpp@apt.int

Preparation for Previous PPs:


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