Secretary General Message

Transforming the APT for a New Era

Hello. I'm Masanori Kondo. I am humbled and honored by the trust and the confidence members placed in me as Secretary General of APT. So many people, colleagues and friends of APT members have brought me to this day. I thank them all. My goal as Secretary General is to strengthen APT on the proud 40 years traditions of mutual respect and cooperation.

In the past 6 years as Deputy Secretary General, I had put my effort to make APT a precious platform to learn from each other. I can sincerely say I have learned a lot about many things. I have witnessed up close how so many people from APT members share the values of APT, and work hard toward common goals. Their passion and their energy to make APT a better organization are indispensable. By doing so, we can transform the society to be benefited by further digitalization. I look forward to learning more.

I pledged to you and to all APT members that I will work relentlessly in service of the APT mission, to develop ICT in our region, to advance our region’s interests, and to keep our region prosperous.

Now, we are facing an unprecedented combination of social issues. The pandemic, an economic crisis, the climate crisis, and technological disruption. We have many things we need to do from the aspect of ICT.

And we know that we can’t solve all these problems alone.
We need to be working with all stakeholders.
We need their cooperation.
We need their partnership.
And we need to bring others together to meet the challenges of our time.

This region has great abilities and potential, and I will do everything I can to carry the vision of Singapore Statement for APT and this region forward.

Thank you for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to serve APT as Secretary General.

Masanori Kondo
Secretary General
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity


Last updated on 01/07/2024
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