APT Radiocommunication Program

Radiocommunication sector has been recognized as one of the major key areas of APT activities. APT community realizes the important role of Radiocommunication in assisting the development of nations and their societies. The ever increasing requirements for mobility, for increasing bandwidth for new services, for new means of communicating, for improved availability of information and for the adoption of new approaches to public protection and safety communications is reflected in demands for spectrum, technological development and regulatory provisions within the Radiocommunication sphere. APT together with members addressing these demands and resolving the inevitable conflicts.

APT Radiocommunication Program composed of two major Work Programs:

  • APT Wireless Group (AWG): AWG, formerly known as APT Wireless Forum (AWF) assists the region to make the best possible use of the newly acquired knowledge in wireless technologies in telecommunication and to facilitate the effecient use of the spectrum resources by regional harminization initiatives. More..

Due to the importance of subject matters the Radiocommunication activities of APT have attracted the APT members, industry and private sectors and various international organizations. A large number of delegates are participating in the Radiocommunication activities towards it success. Furthermore, it has enhanced APT’s image to other regional and international organizations.

Last updated on 01/07/2024
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