General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and it is composed of all the Members and Associate Members of the Telecommunity.  It meets in ordinary session every three years and in extraordinary session when circumstances require.


The General Assembly establishes general policies and principle to achieve the objectives of the Telecommunity, establishes the basis for the annual budget and determine limits of three years annual expenditure, concludes and revises necessary agreements between the Telecommunity and Governments, organizations or administration.


The General Assembly elects a President and two Vice Presidents at each ordinary session. For the current  3 year term, the office bearers are:


President: Mr. Khin Maung THET, Myanmar          

Vice President: Mr. Paula MA'U, Tonga

Vice President: Dr. Syed Ismail SHAH, Pakistan


The General Assembly also elected the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General of the Telecommunity and define the terms and conditions of their employment.  The current elected officials are:


          Secretary General:              Ms. Areewan Haorangsi

          Deputy Secretary General:  Mr. Masanori Kondo


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General Assembly Sessions

13th Session of the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (25 - 26 November 2014, Yangon, Myanmar) 

12th Session of the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (16 - 18 November 2011, Jeju, Republic of Korea) 

11th Session of the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (11-13 December 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 

10th Session of the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (30 November - 2 December 2005, Islamabad, Pakistan)


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