ASTAP: Expert Group ITU-T Issues (EG ITU-T)


  • Identify high-level and strategic ITU-T issues of interest to APT members, especially in the issues related to ASTAP , where regional cooperation and collaboration is likely to be of benefit to the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Exchange information between ASTAP members on high-level and strategic ITU-T issues on interest to APT members;
  • Develop and promote coordinated and harmonized regional inputs on ITU-T issues to TSAG, RevCom and initiate the discussion for specific APT preparatory programs for high-level ITU meetings including WTSA and Plenipotentiary Conferences;
  • Promote outcomes at TSAG, RevCom, WTSA and Plenipotentiary Conferences that benefit APT members, APT administrations and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole
  • Prepare and circulate appropriate information to APT members in a timely manner


  • Regional opinions/proposals to international groups such as ITU
  • Develop and maintain relationship with international organizations
  • Organize C&I (Conformance and interoperability) event including workshop, showcasing and testing etc.
  • Develop an APT report on C&I relating to ITU C&I program in four pillars
    • Pillar1: conformity assessment
    • Pillar2: interoperability event
    • Pillar3: capacity building
    • Pillar4: assistance in the establishment of test centers and C&I programs in developing countries

Mr. Kaoru Kenyoshi, NEC Corporation, Japan

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, Ministry of Information ann Communications, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Last updated on 08/12/2017
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